In Memoriam of Lisa M. Harnois
9/21/1961 - 3/13/2018

From: Kathy Edgerton

Lisa Harnois MemoriamPlease if you would take the time to donate to in the memory of my sister Lisa Harnois, she is on their memorial wall. Breast cancer charity monies go for early detection but only 3% of that money goes into research. We must start looking for a CURE. One out of eight women will develop breast cancer, 30% of those women will develop metastatic breast cancer that will go to other parts of their body. Metastatic breast cancer is terminal. At 100% of the monies collected goes into research for metastatic breast cancer, including clinical trials for MBC of the brain. I know Lisa would thank you all so much, and Dr. Harnois and myself do too.