Chiropractic Testimonials

"A little over a year ago I had a knee replacement. Just my luck it did not come out the way I was hoping for or expected. After five months of physical therapy, I still had pain and could only bend my knee 100 degrees, could not ride my bicycle or go for long walks without discomfort.

Thought I was going to have to live with the pain, or the other solution was to have it redone, which was not going to happen.

After 11 months I had given up. My brother suggested trying a chiropractor.  I found Dr. Harnois in Tewksbury mass by looking on the internet. And I am so happy I did. He started working on me using class 4 laser treatment therapy. I can now bend my knee more than 125 degrees, I can ride a bicycle go for long walks even gone hiking, able to kneel but most of all, I have no more pain and no more problems walking up and down the stairs. Dr. Harnois has given me my life back.

I also have to mention that Dr. Harnois' staff are the most pleasant, kind and helpful people you will meet. As you walk in you are greeted like a family member, which you are once you start working with the Dr., even if you just walk in for information like I did and was treated with such kindness."

- Robert F., August 2019

"My first visit with Dr. Harnois was in March 2009. I had been suffering from severe sciatic pain down the back of my left leg from my buttock to my calf for about 2 months and could no longer sit down comfortably. I was taking Advil around the clock for weeks and finally had to take prescription pain medication to relieve the pain.

An MRI showed that I had a ruptured disc in my lower back pressing on nerves. It was the same disc that I had prior surgery (discectomy) on 2 years ago. Dr. Harnois suggested Spinal Decompression Therapy. I was very skeptical to try it for many reasons. After a lot of thought and research, I decided to try to avoid another surgery with a long recovery period and gave Spinal Decompression Therapy a try. It turned out to be the absolute right decision for me.

The treatment itself was very comfortable. After only 1 week, the pain was reduced significantly and I was completely off pain medications. I had 25 sessions in total and have been 98% pain free since. I get little twinges occasionally (nothing close to before treatment), but that is when I’ve neglected to keep up with my back strengthening exercises. Faithfully doing the exercises keeps me feeling great and pain free.

I was very fortunate to come across Dr. Harnois’ advertisement which prompted me to make an appointment for more information. I purposely waiting 6 months after treatment to write this testimonial to be sure the results would last. Now I can strongly recommend Dr. Harnois and Spinal Decompression Therapy.

Dr. Harnois and his Staff are wonderful. I am very grateful for their help."

- Denise P.

"Many thanks to Dr. Harnois and staff for a job well done! Dr. Harnois has been treating me for a number of years now and for several conditions. Most recently, I suffered from neck and shoulder pain making it difficult to rotate my neck. After muscle therapy and spinal manipulation could no longer bring relief, Dr. Harnois suggested an MRI to confirm what he suspected to be a herniated disc in my neck. The MRI did indeed confirm that which left me with three options: continued therapy (which was no longer very effective), surgery (not going there!), or trying spinal decompression. Given all the positive feedback I had heard and read, it seemed the most promising solution. I began the painless and relaxing therapy and was feeling relief within two weeks. As the treatment proceeded, my pain level continued to decrease as my neck rotation increased. I am not feeling fine, my pain is gone and my range of motion is better than it’s been in years. Spinemed therapy works! I would certainly recommend it for those with disc related pain."

- Alan M.

"I have had back problems for over 20 years. The back problems ranged from moderate to severe. Getting up in the morning, I was in constant pain. Dr. Harnois recommended Spinal Decompression using the SpineMed system. The treatments were pain free and not discomforting at all.

At the conclusion of treatments my back pain had been greatly reduced and I feel that the SpineMed system has helped increase my quality of life."

- Edward D.

"For several years I had been waking up at night with numb hands. It had become so bad that it was interrupting my sleep 4-5 times a night. After testing, Dr. Harnois diagnosed two herniated discs in my neck. The treatments helped to greatly reduce the tingling and numbness in my hands and added a lot of flexibility to my neck. The treatments were a welcomed break in my day and the staff is always so nice and helpful. I’d certainly recommend SpineMed Therapy as a good option before considering surgery."

- Rose Ann B.

"For years I have experienced severe lower back pain and leg pain. I would walk around like the letter “S.” I tried so many treatments and they never made me feel 100%. With just 20 sessions I feel great! No pain, no walking around the like letter “S.” Dr. Harnois and his team are the best. I just wish SpineMed was around years ago. Try it; you will NOT be disappointed!"

- Margaret L.

"When I first went to Harnois Chiropractic Office, I was suffering from acute back pain from a twisting injury at home. After one simple movement, I was barely able to walk, and was incapable of performing even the simplest physical activity. I was in excruciating pain. After an initial consultation with Dr. Harnois and a MRI, I was diagnosed with four bulging discs – two of which were deteriorating.

I began daily treatment to alleviate the initial pain, and then began spinal decompression therapy a few weeks later. The decompression was painless, and the ½ hour session on the machine was comfortable and relaxing. The machine did all the work, and I actually fell asleep a few times! After about a week of sessions on the machine, I was able to move freely and was capable of doing all the things I took for granted before my injury.

I had a similar injury two years prior that was treated with only chiropractic manipulation. While the doctor was about to relieve the pain associated with my injury, the underlying bulging disc problem persisted. In two years, I went from having two bulging discs to now having four.

My decompression process was more than just treatments on the machine. Harnois Chiropractic, using a combination of manipulation, spinal decompression and exercise was able to help me recover more quickly, and with greater strength and confidence in my back than I had before. In my case, I feel that it was an excellent opportunity to address my injury non-surgically, and to get to the root of the problem.

Finally, Dr. Harnois has a staff that is second to none. I have been treated with kindness and professionalism from the first minute I walked into the office. I would highly recommend Harnois Chiropractic Office to anyone suffering from back problems."

- Joseph K.

"I remember waking up in the morning for about 7 months and I would have trouble getting out of bed, so I would try rolling out of bed so it wouldn’t hurt as much. Then all the time when I would take a shower, I would try to dry my feet and I could barely bend over to do this before, once simple task. I also have 3 children under the age of 7 and it was getting harder to do anything physical with them. We also love to camp and it was getting very difficult to pack and get ready. Then I started to not even want to go camping and go for walks with my family because I would just be in so much pain. But I always pushed it off saying I need to lose weight. Then I started having severe back pain which was going down into my calves and thighs. I knew at this point that there was something more serious going on than me just having to lose weight. So I called and made an appointment with Dr. Harnois’ office. When I first came in to meet Dr. Harnois I thought I could just get re-adjusted and then be on my way. However he didn’t really touch me at that point and just did some x-rays. He ordered a MRI which was done the next day. When I went to have the MRI done they put it on a CD to bring back to my doctor and it showed I had a severe herniated disc. At this point I thought to myself I’m going to need surgery, but he assured me that he could help me and to come by later with my wife to talk about my options. My wife and I returned later on with our children and the friendly staff took great care of my kids while the doctor went over everything with my wife and I about my options. When the doctor recommended spinal decompression it sounded great but it was not covered under my insurance plan. I was very hesitant, but they did have a company that would finance it for a year with 0% interest. So my wife and I discussed and said if it was something like putting braces on we wouldn’t think twice, so we couldn’t justify not doing it.

The next day I went on the SpineMed machine. This would be one session out of 24 and it was very comfortable with absolutely no pain. I even was able to watch TV and take a short nap while on the machine. I am now done with the spinal decompression and I feel great. I am able to enjoy the quality of life with my family thanks to Dr. Harnois and his great staff. I would definitely recommend SpineMed to anyone in need of their quality of life back.

Thank You, Dr. Harnois."

- Tony V.

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